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Washing Powder

Washing Powder

Harsh & Harshi super wash germ cleaning detergent powder designed to give you a premium washing experience with lemon fragrance, dirt and stain removing active ingredients, & optical brightener for dazzling whiteness. Especially if you are mother of a young kid who fills your laundry basket with clothes covered in an array of stains, grass stains from football practice, ketchup stain from lunch paint stain from art class.

Harsh & Harshi wash is superfine that remove tough stain in a jiffy and leaves on reduce on your clothes.


  • Harsh & Harshi washing powder that removes tough stains easily.
  • It’s a superfine powder that dissolves easily and removes tough stains fast.
  • Hand wash-Use 2 scoops of Harsh & Harshi Easy Wash, Machine-wash – Use 3 scoops of Harsh & Harshi Easy Wash.
  • High active ingredients that help in the effective removal of all types of stains including stains of coffee, haldi, grease etc.
  • Sophisticated long lasting perfume of lemon that leaves the clothes fragrant.
  • Safe on hands.
  • Optical brighteners that give sparkling whiteness which is superior in comparison to other ordinary detergent powder.
  • Effective in both hard water soft water.
  • Works powerfully in both bucket and machine wash.
  • Immediate foaming and dissolution in water .
  • Dissolves and performs well even in colds water having temperature 10 degrees and lower.

Available Packs :

500 GRM, 1 KG

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