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Hand Wash

Hand Wash

Harsh & Harshi Hand wash has protected Indians germs. Starting out with the Antiseptic Liquid, Harsh & Harshi has gained repute for providing effective protection against a million* germs and for its gentle action on skin. Be 100% sure to protect tour skin from 100 illness- causing germs and bacteria. Use harsh & Harshi germs protection Hand wash Liquid soap ph balanced formula every day and keep your hand hygienically clean and refreshed. This hand wash provide soft and rich leather leaving behind clean hands and mild pine fragrance. The trusted germ-protection modus operandi acts like a barrier between your hands and a wide range of unseen germs. The soap free-formula with glycerin makes sure to keep your skin moisturized, while the plant derived cleansers help ensure thorough cleaning. Harsh & Harshi Hand wash also contains more than 85% naturally derived ingredients with no TCC & Triclosan, giving another healthy reason for hand washing whenever in need. Wash hand properly with hand wash and help keep your family ! Washing your hands is easy with Harsh & Harshi Hand wash.

About This Product:

  1. Breaks the chain of infection with Harsh & Harshi Hand wash that protects from a million germs.
  2. Dermatologically tested, suitable for skin type with natural extracts. No TCC. No Triclosan. No added parabens.
  3. Also, protects from the virus.  
  4. Harsh & Harshi moisture shield Hand wash leaves you with supple and clean hands.

Safety Information:

  1. Avoid contact with eyes.
  2. In case of contact with eyes rinse plenty of water.
  3. If swallowed/ ingested seek medical advised immediately and show this container or label.
  4. Use only ad directed.
  5. Ideal For: Men & Women.

Available Size:

250 ml pump



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